February 18, 2014

Harvard & Stone Instagram

GUUUYS… it’s been 3 years already! So to celebrate,…

GUUUYS… it’s been 3 years already!

So to celebrate, We’re putting some new cocktails on the menu at the front bar and inviting you to come try them (and the others) on us from 8pm until 10! That’s right, OPEN BAR!

…and we’re bringing back the original H&S menu in R&D so you can magically transport yourself back to 2011!
That’s right, FREE TIME TRAVEL!

…and we have OG H&S band, Spindrift and rad new friends, Jesus Sons playing LIVE. silver and gold. FREE SHOW!

…rotating deejays and all that stuff too.

oh maaaan grant me the strength!

SPINDRIFT will perform songs from SPINDRIFT – GHOST OF THE WEST and then some. We’ll also project new footage from the upcoming film and introduce something of a new lineup.

Performing with us are JESUS SONS!