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August 7, 2023

Level 8
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Eater – Nightlife Kings the Houston Brothers to Open Their Biggest Project Ever in Downtown LA

Mar 7, 2023 — by Mona Holmes  

There’s a lot happening Downtown at the Houston Brothers’ latest project titled Level 8, so buckle up. The forthcoming venue is set to debut in the nearly-open Moxy and AC Hotels directly across from Crypto.com Arena and will feature eight different venues on the eighth floor of the hotels for dining, cocktailing, and nightclubbing. And while the totality of the project will take some time to come together, everything — from the hotels to Level 8’s multiple venues —will open in 2023.

Level 8 is an ambitious move for Mark and Jonnie Houston, twin brothers who are deeply entrenched in Los Angeles nightlife with businesses like La DescargaHarvard & StonePour Vous, and Koreatown’s disco-flavored club Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (they also operate Las Vegas’s On The Record at the Park MGM). The Houstons partnered with the real estate developer behind the Moxy and AC Hotels, Lightstone, to bring their latest Downtown creation to life. In total, expect 727 guest rooms, 13 restaurants, bars and lounges, and four large outdoor terraces spread across the entire hospitality complex. Level 8’s venues specifically will span across 30,000 square feet.

Once open, visitors will be able to take the elevator to the center of the eighth floor and maneuver outwards into all of the various venues, starting with a cocktail bar called Mr. Wanderlust. The bar faces east to Flower Street and bears a fitting title, as Level 8 draws from the brothers’ international travels throughout the decades.

Level 8’s Instagram page has a map outlining the eighth floor. Facing east is the teppanyaki (with a French twist) spot Maison Kasai, which is next door to the restaurant Lucky Mizu. The Figueroa side, overlooking the Convention Center and Crypto Arena, will house eateries Brown Sheep Taqueria and Mother of Pearl, along with LA’s next future attraction: a poolside rotating carousel bar with tropical cocktails and an expansive view called Golden Hour. Right next to the pool is a dining option called Que Barbaro. The north-facing nightclub Sinners y Santos will have a speakeasy-style entrance all its own.

Level 8 is a big and busy addition to Downtown’s South Park neighborhood, from two of the city’s most notorious hospitality veterans. Look for the various projects to come online in the second quarter of 2023, while the Moxy and AC Hotels will open to the public on April 4.


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