FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2024


Mark and Jonnie are native Angelenos; born and raised in the LA community. The Houston duo launched Piano Bar in 2008—followed in short order by La Descarga, Harvard & Stone, Pour Vous, No Vacancy, Dirty Laundry, Good Times at Davey Wayne's, Butchers and Barbers and Break Room 86.

Each lounge is a transportation of space and time, generating an experience with libations that titillate the senses and arouse interest. Secret entrances, live performances, award winning cocktail programs and interior design will take you into the world that is Houston Hospitality.

Paving a new “speak easy” road through Los Angeles is not easy but Mark and Jonnie Houston are not done. The brothers intend to keep creating new concepts and Mark and Jonnie Houston are now entertaining hotel offers from around the world, bringing the classic signature of a Houston Hospitality venue to each project they put their hands on. These twin brothers are transforming more than just spaces, but trends as well.