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Believe! BRR Magic Thurs/Fri/Sat

Asia Ray BRR Magic Thurs/Fri/Sat

Fitzgerald BRR Magic Thurs/Fri/Sat

Asia Ray, tonight! BRR 8:30 PM

Zabrecky BRR Friday 3/6 & Saturday 3/7 @robzabrecky @asiarayfreak @fitzgerald_chic @houstonbrothershospitality

She’s got It!

BRR Magic Thurs 8:30 Fri/Sat 8 & 9:30

Tonight @thegumbobrothers at 10:30PM!!!

Radiohead Jazz tonight @blackrabbitrose 10:30pm!

Fitzgerald BRR Thurs/Fri/Sat

Magic Thursday! BRR 8:30 @elizabird @asiarayfreak @fitzgerald_chic @carisahendrix @houstonbrothershospitality @houston_bros

Magic is Real! Black Rabbit Rose Thurs 8:30

BRR Thurs 8:30 Fri 8 & 9:30 Sat 8 & 9:30

In each and every one of us there’s a light that shines connecting us all together. We all have it, though some really know how to harness that light. Not to just uplift themselves, but to uplift everyone around them that feels that connection. Kobe was one of those gifted ones. His light not only raised himself up, but he took everyone with him. We’re all searching for answers. Trying to figure out why and how and who is chosen to do what. This Life, OUR Life is not chosen by us. Every moment is precious. We’re here to learn, to create, to connect , to challenge ourselves and to challenge those around us to be better , to do better, to uplift one another, to love one another as well as ourselves enough to live in our truths. Kobe worked harder than anyone and he mastered that and maybe that’s why it was his time to move on. With humble gratitude you are missed brotha. Hearts are broken for You, Gianna and the others that were with you. This Tribute by Kanye Sunday Night was Incredibly Beautiful. @kobebryant #giannamariaonorebryant @kanyew.est @chancetherapper @houston_bros @blackrabbitrose

There are some souls that walk this planet and everyone they come in contact with feels like family. Andrew Burkle was one of those rare souls. One of the sweetest , kindest , most genuine and most loving individuals we’ve ever had the pleasure of calling family. Was an honor to share so many memories with you. Imagining you looking down on us now with that big ol smile on your face. Nothing but love brotha. Nothing but Love…. @a_burkle @freddurst @houston_bros @blackrabbitrose @antijacobclub @notmychair @alexsillmusic @dantheconman @tylerhammondjazzexperience

Magic Thurs/Fri/Sat Black Rabbit Rose

Happy New Year @blackrabbitrose @houston_bros @anderson._paak @kamasiwashington Thank You For Making Tonight So Epic Anderson Paak, Kamasi Washington , Mark Houston , Jonnie Houston and David Weiss! Here’s to 2020

Anderson Paak New Years Eve @blackrabbitrose @anderson._paak @houston_bros @houstonbrothershospitality

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Join us New Year’s Eve for a night of magic, mystery and debauchery! Link in our bio.

Magic tonight at 8:00 and 9:30PM!

Always such a treat when @anderson._paak jumps on stage to jam @blackrabbitrose … #andersonpaak @houston_bros @houstonbrothershospitality From the team that always makes it happen Mark Houston, David Weiss & Jonnie Houston

Tonight at 8:30! #houstonhospitality #blackrabbitrose #magic